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Ranchi-a small township sheltered in Jharkhand state of India- does not have many organizations to develop web-solutions. But this place has for you only organization with true magical skill in web development and its services are amazingly efficient to meet your needs in availing rich web solutions. The organization, which is already recognized as a true entity in the web world for its achievement, is named as “Kumar solutions” There are host of reasons that can make you compelled to go for its services as you are a perfectionist by nature.

Highlights of its specialized services

Web hosting

As a business enterprise, your website is your prime necessity.  It is essential as it expresses you completely. You want to make it really informative and self-explanatory that anyone can understand at a single glance. Armed with five years of hard-core experience in key areas of web development and hosting, we can give you only the best in website development.

Web Design

We already know that you have a website and spent a lot on it. But despite every initiative in this direction, the business inquiries are very poor. We have the required expertise to maximize the website’s efficiency that will definitely bring rich result in getting you the optimum business inquiries. Our team can work on the weaker areas of your already existing website to bring you greater success in business ventures.

Internet marketing

We have the best solutions to sharpen the marketing communication that can help you considerably in designing your message to your clients. Literally, this can draw the customers like a magnet and invariably this helps you in getting the best traffic.

Our past achievements

A.   A rich exposure to the market

In the past, we have hosted more than 200 websites. In this venture, we have been able to guarantee complete customer satisfaction and we have proven track record of more than 5 years in this field. Our services in this area are specialized, such as web site design, web site redesign, maintenance, designing and implementing extremely beautiful and creative logo, flash, internet marketing, domain name registration etc. etc. Our clientele is spread across India, U.S.A. and Bhutan. Since 2005, we have remained dedicated towards our clients in giving world-class service.

B.  Closest association with the clients

Be it a small or big organization, when it comes to develop customized web solutions or software, we keep closest ties with our clients. Our work in association with the clients remains focused so as to achieve the best result in sales. It helps in every possible way to achieve the marketing goals.

C.   We make our clients renowned in the world

With the help of latest in technology, we get the best traffic for our clients across the globe. It does not make a difference if our client is a small organization somewhere. We can make his services distinguished across the world. This is possible with the help of our great techniques in SEO (search engine optimization), pay per click (PPC), and social media optimization.

Let’s be partners in progress

As the world literally turns into a single family with the advent of web, we are serious about sharing your journey in the path of excellence. Armed with 10+ staff, which consists of hard-core professionals in such fields, we are capable of giving you the multiplied and assured success with the help of  our expertise.

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