Website Maintenance Company Ranchi

We provide website maintenance packages from college, school, to NGOs. Find our affordable rates of website maintenance services in India, Ranchi, Jharkhand.

No doubt, your website is the grove of information but you feel sad, when you find the number of visitors to your site is still marginal. You regret that despite the top-end user services, you do not get enough queries.

Our Website maintenance can give you complete peace of mind. Kumar solutions Pvt. Ltd, our IT firm with multiple specialist services, is capable of providing best maintenance solutions that simply can make your site unique in every respect.

Services by our specialists

Being based at Ranchi, we have given our valuable services to different companies in India. Their respective sites have become extremely rich in information. We have not stopped serving them with the end of our development work for their websites. Rather, we have taken up several initiatives to be in touch with them and keep on the flow of our services for maintenance forever. This has resulted in warmer ties of cordiality with our clientele and they have forever favored us with further assignments.

Let’s have a glance over our services, which can assuredly give you great advantages.

Keep the information up-to-date via Website Maintenance 

The world of information is fast changing. Therefore the content has to be revised with new information. As it is said, information is true power, when the information in the web portal is not updated in time, it spoils the ‘message and purpose’ behind the words. We, at Kumar solutions, can make regular updates and revision of the contents that would go perfectly with the latest trends in the technologies in the market.  As a matter of fact, keeping the website updated with plenty of changes in the information is a rigorous task. Our expertise can keep the flow of information to your website timely and visitors to your website will always have appreciation for this.

We at Kumar Solutions company do provide website maintenance services to School, Colleges, NGOs and private sectors. We have dedicated of total 4 team members who are maintaining client’s site across the globe from India (Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Mumbai), United States, Australia, United Kingdom and many countries. We work closely with the client and fulfill their website maintenance requirement.

Under the above, we can render the following ‘web maintenance’ services;

i) On your behalf, we can make content updates by introducing new and fresh articles.

ii)  We can also upload new pictures and graphics to suit the new contents’ position.

iii)  We can add and delete new pages in order to make the content appear justified.

iv)  We can also send the bulk emails and newsletter to the clientele that will keep the flow of response intact.

v) We can bring modification and addition of website content by integrating visual and graphical support.

vi)  We can render 24×7 support that will add glare to your webpage and make the website appear friendly with all the visitors.